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Thursday drabbles...

Drabbles for femslash100, challenge #119 "Demon"

Demon ~ Tosh/Gwen ~ 200

There’s something in Tosh.

It looks out through her eyes and it breathes in her lungs and it clenches her hands into fists against the glass, but it is not Tosh.

Owen won’t go downstairs. Jack doesn’t smile any more. And Ianto makes it coffee and takes the mug down resolutely every morning even though it’s never drunk and more often than not winds up smashed on the floor.

Gwen sits, and watches, and says nothing.

{When Jack showed her a Weevil, he told her to look into its eyes, see where it wasn’t human. She looks into Tosh’s eyes and dark flames stare back.}

She says: “Let her go”.

And the thing that isn’t Tosh throws back its head and laughs, electric light glinting off its teeth, the sound harsh and ugly.

A week later, Gwen opens the cell door. {She remembers Carys, the pheromones in the air}

She whispers: “You need to stop this now”.

{Maybe it has mercy}

The creature moves forward, pinning Gwen against the brickwork {this has happened before, remember?}. Fingernails rake up the backs of Gwen’s thighs and when it kisses her she tastes emptiness, despair.

Wherever Tosh is, she isn’t in there anymore.

Demon ~ Claire/Ana Lucia ~ 100

There’s something in the jungle, something ripping up trees and ripping up people, and Claire’s hands shake on the cradle. Aaron moves in his sleep and she closes her eyes as the sounds get closer.

There seem to be too many things that all want her dead, and at night the trees crack and sway and she closes her eyes for a moment.

The not knowing is often worse.

Ana, sitting beside her with sand on her palms, says : “are you scared?”

Claire raises her chin, determined.


Ana smiles {she knows}.

“Good girl.”

...But it’s still out there.

Because I wanted to.

Spoilers For X-Men 3.
X-Men (movieverse) ~ Wolverine/Rogue ~ 190

She knows that he’s drunk when she pulls open the door, and she looks deeply unimpressed about it. He can’t blame her. Six years of silence and he turns up so out of it he can hardly see straight.

He says: hey darlin’ like the whole thing is going to be ok. She scowls in reply, but lets him walk in anyway.

She left them all behind when she got rid of her powers, and he thinks he might still be hurt by that, somewhere deep down, somewhere silent. Her hair is dark now, shorter, she and Bobby cracked under the strain years ago.

She says: I don’t want to talk to you when you’re like this.

You don’t want to talk to me at all, he reminds her, as though she can have forgotten.

She glares at him, {bare} fingers brushing the back of the couch.

Why are you here, Logan?

She’s older, prettier. He looks exactly the same. He smirks, and wonders how she feels about him now.

I think you know what I want, sweetheart.

She swallows, anger slipping momentarily, but she doesn’t tell him to go.

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